My page is designed to share some fun, wonderful links on relationship issues, and a direct link to Richard Bolles page, jobhuntersbible.com. Enjoy clicking and if I may be of service to you, please call or email. I will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

If you are looking here, perhaps you are ready for a growth spurt, or to take charge of your life in a different way. Yes, you can do this on your own if you wish. However, A professional coach or counselor can help you along that journey in an efficient way.

My practice includes marriage, family and individual therapy and also, career counseling and coaching. Because of the linking of these two areas, one might refer to my practice as therapeutic career counseling! I really listen to you and you may be surprised at what comes out of this.

Never confuse making a living with having a life! In this day, the two many times become confused and we can begin to feel overwhelmed and out of balance. That becomes a great time to seek out professional coaching. That coaching can be for personal issues or for career issues.



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